Creatures Of The Night :: Audiobook

Creatures of the Night ($6.49) is an audiobook collection of short erotic stories edited and read by award-winning erotica editor Violet Blue. The expertly-written stories by top erotica authors brings to light thirteen tales of sexually explicit dark fantasy adventures. Power play and public sex, and kinky couples incorporate graveyard trysts, lesbian ghosts, exotic otherworldy dominatrixes, sex and submission with strangers – this and much more make Creatures of The Night an exciting goth-noir fantasy collection.

Authors in the collection include Alison Tyler, Thomas Roche, Xavier Acton, Elizabeth Colvin and other exciting writers. Creatures of the Night is truly modern erotica, all in DRM-free, shareable MP3 files for use on any player.

Click here to listen to a free MP3 sample chapter in my Open Source Sex podcast.

Creatures Of The Night: Table of Contents

  • 1 Zombie Love by Elizabeth Colvin
  • 2 Bad Kitty by Thomas S. Roche
  • 3 Insomniac by Serina Jurgens
  • 4 Sweet Transvestite by Michelle Cooper
  • 5 Cops and Robbers by KC
  • 6 A Girl in Coveralls by Thomas S. Roche
  • 7 Spider Bites by Thomas S. Roche
  • 8 Triple X Requiem by Thomas S. Roche
  • 9 Playing for Keeps by Alison Tyler
  • 10 The Lizard Queen by Julia Richards
  • 11 Masquerade Ball by Xavier Acton
  • 12 Five Senses by Oscar Shemoth
  • 13 Creatures of the Night by Thomas S. Roche

Availability: Instant Download
DRM-Free File Format: .zip (includes 13 MP3 files)
File Size: 144.61 MB
ISBN: 978-0-9799019-3-5
Price: $6.49 (USD)

Buy “Creatures Of The Night” .zip (MP3 files) now, $6.49, with any major credit card, Google Checkout or PayPal.

See also: Creatures of the Night e-book is in multiple gadget formats, all to be had for $6.49.

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3 Responses to Creatures Of The Night :: Audiobook

  1. Brian says:

    I purchased “Creatures of the Night,” and it looks like the download was incomplete when it finished (only a little over 118 MB). I’d like to try downloading it again, but can’t find a way w/o paying again. Help!
    P.S. I’ve been a long-time fan and always look forward to your blog and and podcasts. Thanks for all you do.

  2. violet says:

    oh no! that’s the first time that’s happened. sorry about that; definitely don’t pay again! let me know if any of the files came through or just some; I’m more than happy to send you the missing files, or send you the whole .zip asap. also — I just checked and your Payloadz download link is still active and I can download from it, care to try again? the link is in the “order info” email you were sent after purchasing.

  3. violet says:

    follow-up: Brian’s link was fine, it was just PayPal being wonky. he replied the next day with:
    > Wow, awesome content and same-night customer service! I did get the
    attached e-mail and the download worked the second time–thanks so much
    for following up.

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