How To Kiss :: eBook

How to Kiss ($8.49) covers all kinds of kisses; first kiss, makeout tips, sweet nuzzly kisses, all-out French kissing and everything in between are in this nine-chapter DRM-free ebook – it can be read easily on Kindle, iPad, iPhone, smartphones and many different e-readers. The book includes two explicit, kiss-focused erotic short stories from authors Thomas S. Roche and Oscar Shemoth.

Sex educator Violet Blue explains throughout nine audio chapters exactly how to make the most of the first kiss to the hottest makeout sessions. Learn a lot of techniques, types of kisses, how to flirt using your mouth, kissing etiquette, erogenous zones, how to ask for a kiss with and without words and much more.

Ever wonder about hickies, bites, cold sores(!), kissing bugs or just how to deal with a bad kisser? Maybe you just want to make sure you’re not going to be a bad kisser…

How To Kiss Table of Contents:

  • xi Introduction
    The Sweetest Kiss
  • 1 Kissing Confidential
    What’s In A Kiss? * At One With The Elements * Kiss Me Deadly, Darling
  • 2 Your Sexy Mouth
    Hot Lips * Talented Tongue * Mouth Moves * Kissing Bugs * Cold Sores * The Wicked Kisser * Pamper Yourself Sexy
  • 3 How-And What-To Kiss
    Techniques * Lighter Fare * Intermediate Fun * Intense Arousal * Use Your Body * Hot Spots
  • 4 Kissing: A Field Guide
    Types of Kisses * French Kissing * Scary Kisses
  • 5 The First Kiss
    Waiting for the Kiss * Does They Really Want It? * How to Get Them to Kiss You * Ask For A Kiss Without Words * Make the First Move * First Kiss Do’s and Don’t's
  • 6 Jack and Ginger by Thomas Roche
  • 7 Kissing Etiquette for All
    Hunters, and The Hunted * Kissing Etiquette * About Hickeys and Love Bites * Kiss Catastrophes and Cures
  • 8 Advanced Techniques
    Tricks and Treats * A Smooch With a View: Best Movie Kisses * Flavored Kisses * Kissing Flavor Favorites * Flavored Lipsticks and Gloss * Music to Make Out By * Stubble Burn and How to Avoid It
  • 9 Spanish Olive by Oscar Shemoth

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ISBN: 978-0-9799019-2-8
Price: $8.49 (USD)

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11 Responses to How To Kiss :: eBook

  1. michael connor says:

    A great book on my favorite activity, so relieved that I don’t fall into the kiss catastrophes category. The first kiss chapter was excellent, now I cant wait for my next first kiss. Just wondering am I the only one who thinks The Cure Disintegration is a great album to make out by, and also I’ve always thought drunk kissing has a certain goofy charm. Thomas Roche can write, damn he’s good. I’m never going to look at olives the same way, Oscar is one to watch. Looking forward to the next ebook.

  2. jeanne says:

    When in the world are you going to read this book and sell the mp3? Egads. I am very aural and love hearing your voice!

  3. Daniel says:

    Just Bought the the book, I look forward to uploading it to my ipod and reading it. (by the way, it’d be nice to get all 3 formats in one download)

  4. violet blue says:

    Daniel — doh, I should have thought of that! it makes perfect sense to have all text files in one, for readers with multiple devices (that would be pretty much everyone). from now on I’ll do all files in one .zip for one price — and to anyone who bought a copy of “how to kiss” in a single format, and you want all formats, just send an email to sales at digitapub dot com with your purchase info, and I’ll email you the .zip. thank you, Daniel!

  5. Jason says:

    I actually paid for this book last night only to have my iPod touch tell me
    that it can’t download the zip file. I has used a druca***** paypay
    Account. Could I get the appropriate file sent to my gMail account? I was also
    hoping to get a contact e-mail add. for Violet to ask a question about the writing
    scene in SF as well. Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated.

  6. violet says:

    Jason, you’ll want to use the .pdf that’s in the .zip file — there are three files in it. the .pdf is what you can read on your Touch. my iPhone ebook tester reads his .pdfs (and tested this one) in Safari, while my friend Jason is reading it with this second method:
    “It’s not actually Safari but
    Mail that will show the books and you have to email them unzipped to
    yourself. That was the key. The iPod Touch I’m guessing you can just
    drag em on and pop em open in Safari because, well, comparatively
    speaking the Touch kicks the iPhone in the balls when it comes to
    actual usability :-)
    And yes, of course I’ll send you the .pdf directly if you have further problems!

  7. Goldchampagne says:

    Violet, thanks a lot for recording the voice release of How to kiss.
    I love your warm voice.
    I am french, and of course, very interested in the French kissing chapter [please forgive my bad English].
    I heard that the origin of the expression French kiss is the way French guys were getting into preliminaries with women: by licking the clit with their tongue.
    It sems that France was the first country using this speciality.
    And the story recalled only the use of the tongue!
    Were you aware of that tale, and can you confirm?
    Please continue turning us on…

  8. Power says:

    I listened to itunes and found this romantic technique,haha…Thank you very much for that, you’re really tell me something! But do I need to buy the E-book?

  9. Stan says:

    hey i’m an old geezzer. i see great value in what you do. for fun but also i think you supply info that may be hard to get safely for some people. like i would prefer to turn my grandaughter on to you and have actually, to the under 18 part of your work. i acquired my knowlege of the other world of sex from crapper walls, and this saved my 11 year old ass, when weirdos tried to steal me away. i warn the youngsters in my extended family. i like weird stuff too, don’t get me wrong, but you should do it cuz ya wanna, not be tricked , by a dirty old man like me! she’s 16.

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