How To Kiss :: Free Chapter MP3

Everyone loves free stuff — especially me — so here’s a free chapter (.MP3) from the audio book How to Kiss. It’s chapter 4, where I detail all the different types of kisses: the good, the bad, and the scary! Be prepared: in some places, I giggle uncontrollably — it was *that* kind of reading (the fun kind). The whole book is sexed-up: it also features two very explicit short erotica stories with plenty of oral action. Enjoy!

* How to Kiss – Chapter 4 MP3

* Open Source Sex podcast (where you’ll find more free goodies like this)

* See also: How to Kiss e-book, How to Kiss (Kindle Edition)

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One Response to How To Kiss :: Free Chapter MP3

  1. Howard Katz says:

    How to kiss seems not be available, do you know when it will be?



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