Open Source Sex Ed : The Complete Ebook Guide To Sex :: eBook

If you’re looking for a complete primer on modern sexuality, best selling sex educator, author and web celebrity Violet Blue has the e-book that’s got it all. Based on transcripts from her popular podcast (over 8 million downloads), her lectures for universities and sex hotline advice workers, plus researched articles and advice for couples of all orientations and interests – Open Source Sex Ed ($8.49) is a complete and totally modern guide to sex.

With up to date information, you’ll read all about male and female pleasure physiology – that’s what the good parts are to touch, and how they like to be touched. You’ll also read about how they taste, oral sex techniques for fellatio and cunnilingus, how to shave, safer sex, unsafe sex toys, the G-spot and P-spot, information about lubricants, rimming, what to do to someone you’ve just tied up, how to enjoy fantasies and fetishes alone and with a lover, how to erotically flirt and the art of the pick-up, and much more.

The .zip file contains .PDF, .TXT and .PDB files (3 total). All are DRM-free so they can easily be shared and transferred between devices. These files are readable on everything from your iPhone and desktop to your Palm, iPad, Kindle, eBook reader or any text-enabled device.

The .PDF is hyperlinked to recommended websites throughout – and each chapter that is based on a podcast is linked directly to the free MP3 audio version so you can listen and read at the same time.

Chapters include:

  • Xi: Introduction: What Is Open Source Sex Education?
  • Chapter 1: Seduction and Flirting, Part One (based on free audio podcast #48)
  • Chapter 2: Seduction and Flirting, Part Two (based on free audio podcast #49)
  • Chapter 3: Female Sexual Anatomy for Pleasure (based on free audio podcast #46)
  • Chapter 4: The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation (based on free audio podcast #57)
  • Chapter 5: Male Sexual Anatomy for Pleasure (based on free audio podcast #53)
  • Chapter 6: The Prostate, and Male Anal Play (based on free audio podcast #54)
  • Chapter 7: Sexual Fantasies (based on free audio podcast #2)
  • Chapter 8: Sexual Fetishes (based on free audio podcast #16)
  • Chapter 9: Pegging, or Strap-On Sex for Couples (based on free audio podcast #45)
  • Chapter 10: Unsafe Sex Products (based on free audio podcast #29)
  • Chapter 11: Great Head: Oral Sex Techniques for Fellatio and Cunnilingus
  • Chapter 12: Lubricants, and Flavored Lubes
  • Chapter 13: Rimming, or Analingus
  • Chapter 14: How A Girl Tastes, How A Guy Tastes (based on free audio podcast #33)
  • Chapter 15: Shaving Your Bits
  • Chapter 16: Having Fun With Bondage (based on free audio podcast #27)
  • Chapter 17: Teledildonics (based on free audio podcast #13)
  • Chapter 18: Shopping for Toys (and Porn)
  • Chapter 19: Safer Sex Info

Availability: Instant Download
DRM-Free File Format: .zip (includes.pdf; .pdb; .txt)
.Zip File Size: 808 KB
ISBN: 978-0-9799019-0-4
Price: $8.49 (USD)

Buy “open source sex ed : the complete ebook guide to sex” .zip (all files) now, $8.49, with any major credit card, Google Checkout or PayPal.

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