Sweet Heat : Explicit Erotica Ebook

Sweet, hot and irresistibly delicious. Who can resist temptation? Certainly not the thirteen couples that dial in each other’s number-one sexual fantasies and can’t keep their hands off each other in the short stories collected in digital anthology Sweet Heat: Erotica for Couples($6.49) edited by Violet Blue.

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A bold husband takes his wife to a modern furniture showroom and dares her to try an item for size. A man discovers that coffee is a clothes-tearing aphrodisiac for his new girlfriend over weekend of frenzied sex. A woman blindfolds her boyfriend and he can only guess whose female bodies are teasing him to inevitability. A wife gets caught being naughty and gets her first erotic spanking. Couples have cybersex in public, pick up other men and experiment with bisexuality, and everyone has fun loving and sexing in the sweet, sweet heat of pure lust shared by two.

Sweet Heat‘s thirteen stories feature no-holds-barred, sometimes lightly kinky erotica from bestselling erotica authors Alison Tyler, Saskia Walker, Emilie Paris and N.T. Morley, while a bevy of newcomers showcase fine-tuned erotic lit skills.

Each story is hand-selected by Violet Blue in easy-to-use, shareable ebook files. Let the witty and provocative editing of Violet Blue, best-selling writer and editor of the award-winning Best Women’s Erotica series lead you into some of the hottest, juiciest sexual adventures two lovers can share.

Sweet Heat: Table of Contents:

  • 1 Trying It For Size by Saskia Walker
  • 2 Body Shots by Ethan Oliver
  • 3 Double Espressos To Go by Evan Allison
  • 4 Five Senses by N.T. Morley
  • 5 Fall From Grace by Luke Reilly
  • 6 A Few Good Men by Jasmine Hall
  • 7 Hot Stuff by Adam Weeks
  • 8 Joey’s First Spanking by Paul Cummings
  • 9 Operator 84 by Ryan Tyler
  • 10 High Speed Wireless by Miranda Logan
  • 11 Oral Arguments by Christopher Becker
  • 12 James Dean, $1000 Bucks and a Long Summer Night by Emilie Paris
  • 13 You Can’t Always Get What You Want by Alison Tyler

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ISBN: 978-0-9799019-6-6
Price: $6.49 (USD)

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See also: Sweet Heat audiobook ($6.49) or available as a Kindle Edition.

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